Children’s Sermon: Evergreen (and a dancing tree)

Bring the Dancing Tree (that is so, so, loud). Find an extension cord to make sure you can plug it in.

Hi everyone! I’m so glad you are here today.

So last week, I was visiting family in Philadelphia and my uncle brought out this old, old, Christmas decoration. And he joked that it would be going home with me – and lo and behold, it ended up coming home with me. So what does this look like? A christmas tree. A hat. It has eyes.

It’s also something that moves and sings….so lets plug it in and see what happens.

Plug in the tree. Clap hands. Watch the tree sing loud and loud.

So you know what’s fun? This tree is really loud and that’s the low setting. And, every time you keep clapping in front of it, it keeps going…and going…and going..and going. It’s like it never.ever.ends. Which…can be fun for some – but maybe not everyone thinks that’s so much fun.

So this is a plastic and electronic tree that sings, and dances, and wears a santa hat, and after you hear it go off for the 3rd time, you think it’s never going to stop and end. It’s the kind of Christmas decoration that is always…just…giving. But you know what? It’s good that this never-ending singing decoration is an evergreen tree. And if you look around, do you see all sorts of other decorations that look like this? The Christmas tree. The advent wreath. The wreaths on the wall. One of the symbols of this season – of Christmas – is the evergreen tree. We use it to decorate in our homes, to make wreaths, to make circles, etc. It’s a tree that, no matter what season, it’s pine needles are always green. In the summer, it’s green. In the spring, it’s green. In the fall, it’s green. And in the winter, when all the other trees have lost their leaves, what’s this tree doing? It’s still green. It’s always green. It always looks like it’s living, no matter what storm or snow or whatever comes it’s way. It’s a green tree that never ends.

And that’s a Christmas symbol because it reminds us something about Jesus. Jesus’ love for each of us – and for this world – is just like this green dancing tree; it never ends, no matter what. So when you see a Christmas wreath or a Christmas tree – know that it’s an evergreen symbol of Jesus’ love. A love that doesn’t end when we’re sad or feeling lonely or when we make mistakes or when we’re really happy and feel everything is going okay. Jesus’ love for us never ends – and that’s what this season – Advent and Christmas is all about.

Thank you for being here and I hope you have a blessed week!

Each week, I share a reflection for all children of God. The written manuscript serves as a springboard for what I do. This is from Christ Lutheran Church’s Worship on Third Sunday of Advent, 12/17/2017.