Children’s Sermon: The Whole World

Bring your Honduras Cross, the processional cross, and a World Map

Hi everyone! I’m so glad you are here today.

So I brought some props with me today. What do you see? A map. A cross. And a big cross.

Now let’s look at these things. This cross is on a long pole. It’s called a processional cross. On special holidays in the church, we use it during worship. Someone carries it high above them and the choirs, pastors, and others follow it. It serves as a reminder that, in everything we do, we follow Jesus.

This cross is a cross I received as a gift. It’s colorful and bright and comes from the country of Honduras. What do you see on it? Describe what the cross is all about.

And this is… a map of the WHOLE world. This is where we are point to NJ. This is where that cross came from. Point to Latin America. And waaayyy over here is where Jesus was in the story we’re going to hear about today. Point to Jerusalem.

So why did I bring all three of these things today? It’s to show a connection to something we’re going to hear Jesus say. Jesus will say “when I’m lifted up, I’ll draw the whole earth to me.”

And that’s a weird thing for Jesus to say. Jesus was all the way over here when he said that. He also said that 2000 years before any of us were born. And being lifted up is…a weird thing to say. But I think all these 3 things can help us understand a little of what Jesus was saying.

Jesus was making a promise to all of us – to everyone who came before and everyone who came after. He is saying that his story was going to make a difference. He is going to be lifted up on a cross and everyone around him will be sad because they will think this bad thing that is happening to him is the end of his story. But Jesus says it isn’t. Instead, God is going to do something else. And it’s through Jesus’ story – from his birth, life, death, cross, and all the way to Easter, he is going to invite everyone around the world to follow him.

Which means his story makes a difference to everyone here and here and here point to map even if they don’t know his story. And Jesus’ story makes a difference for people in Hondoras, who made this cross, and for all of his here in New Jersey. Jesus’ story shows us who God is, what God wants for us, and how far God will go to show that everyone is valued, loved, and matters.

And that’s good news. Because that means, even you, right now – matter to Jesus. And Jesus will do everything he can to help you know that he sees you, values you, loves you, and will never let you go.

Each week, I share a reflection for all children of God. The written manuscript serves as a springboard for what I do. This is from Christ Lutheran Church’s Worship on Fifth Sunday in Lent, 3/18/2018.