I have cupcakes on the brain

And why? Because I have one from here sitting in my fiancee’s fridge waiting to be eaten. Eaten by me that is. This, of course, leads me to this wonderful creations : The cupcake tower.

Yes I am raiding MarthStewart.com.

It’s a good idea for a wedding cake. Cupcakes are small, cheap, and – depending on your guestlist – it’s entirely possible for everyone to get one and plan it so that very few leftovers are left. But this isn’t exactly a great idea for a wedding if you’re expecting over 250 people (and yes I am expecting that much – my fiancee and I are THOSE PEOPLE who have to select the final option on wedding size when it comes to online forms). And this won’t work for people who either can’t eat sugar or who aren’t cake people – which, sadly, is a large chunk of the people at our church who will be invited to the wedding. Which leads me to the idea of a dessert/cake buffet.

So what should the buffet have?



Mini Angel Food Cakes?

Mini Lemon Tarts?


And then maybe display them like this.

Hmm. And since this is going to be a ‘light’ reception, and will consist mostly of standing-room only, by keeping the dishes to mini/hand held desserts, it’ll make it easy for people to not only eat, but also to keep it varied enough to accommodate all the different eating styles of people that will be in attendance. I had though, for awhile, that I would want a cake buffet but that’s not feasible because, if you don’t have chairs and tables, who’s going to be able to eat a piece of cake? But everyone will be able to ingest a small mini tart or cookie or the like.

Huh. I just came up with a pretty good idea. /me pats self on the back.

13 thoughts on “I have cupcakes on the brain”

  1. Do you ever have original ideas or do you only bite off Weddingbee posts attempting to get traffic? I’ve looked at 3 of your posts and you seem to be biting off their writers. Whats up with that?

  2. I got a three cake display thing you can use. And who says you can’t eat cake without sitting down? Think office birthday parties!

    Pies may be too messy, especially if you get the greatest PIE OF THEM ALL, CHERRY!!! Pumpkin would be fun. Or you could make mini-pies, turnovers, etc.

    But I dunno, desert at 2 in the afternoon isn’t all exciting. How about rows of club sandwiches? Easy to eat and delicious.

  3. This site is disgusting. And your fiancee or whoever keeps defending the honest comments of your readers deserves you. I’ve read a million wedding blogs and yours is by far the most assinine, juvenile and self-aggrandizing one I’ve ever come across. I have no ties to anything other than being a bride-to-be who wanted to speak up in defense of the other internet brides that you’re so critical of. Its really easy to steal other people’s material and bash it, big man. You’re just disgusting and you give wedding blogs a bad name.

  4. Very classy response, Julia- feel free to e-mail me personally to tell me more about what terrrrrible people we are for writing about what sort of wedding we want online.

  5. Oh please. I have no problem if you want to insult me or my website but attacking my fiancee is childish.

    If you find links and criticism disgusting, you must find reality very difficult to live in. I’m not posting here for traffic, or money, or for anything other than my personal enjoyment. I enjoy having a critical eye towards the world around me and I value it. I take a look at the world around me, notice that there are certain opinions that, for some reason, are the default characteristics of our culture, and, if I disagree with them, I say so. No wedding is unique but the idea that I can’t be critical of other people’s opinions and taste is much more childish than this here “digusting” blog.

  6. Its not your wedding I take issue with, its your classless writing and desire to bring down other brides who are doing the same as you.

    Tactlessness and judgementalism are not a good ways to approach wedding plans, nor is it attractive to readers.

    I’m just glad you have no audience to speak of, and after I hit submit, you can count it one less.

  7. “Bitches?”


    Pot, meet kettle.

    No, I don’t know you, but I take it you don’t know “those bitches” either. Whatever happened to “if you can’t say something nice,” eh?

  8. I love you guys! You seem like a happy and well-adjusted couple…spending this joyous time of your engagement by smartly planning the event while simultaneosly berating, judging and cursing others. So charming! Your parents are proud, I know it!! I know with all the good vibes going around here, I just can’t help but say, congratulations and best wishes!!!

  9. “I order the club sandwich all the time, but I’m not even a member, man. I don’t know how I get away with it.”

  10. I totally read this blog just for the angry comments from brides-to-be. For that reason alone this is the Best. Wedding site. Ever.

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