Other (church-based) writings

A short record of what pieces point to churchish writing once I received my first call (October 1, 2014).

Generous Thankfulness [Monthly Newsletter Message 11.01.2014]

The Reformation
Why Reformation Sunday? [bulletin commentary 10.26.2014]

Participating in the Liturgy
A Reflection For Ash Wednesday – 2016
A Reflection For Ash Wednesday – 2017
A Reflection on Spring – 2017
Decluttering During Lent – 2017
Eastertide – 2017
Letter of Call
My First Baptism
Sharing Communion: My First Time

DOGMA (or something
When the Holy Spirit Shows Up

Christian Life
Springing Into Lent [Monthly Newsletter Message 3.01.2016]
Confirmation: Entrusting the faith [Monthly Newsletter Message 06.01.2017]

Attending a Rally to Save the ACA
A Brief Before the US Supreme Court
I Stand With the JCC Rally
A Letter to the Emerson School Board
A Pastoral Post Election Letter (signed by ELCA throughout New Jersey)
A Pastoral Letter Condemning Antisemitism (signed by ELCA throughout New Jersey and New York)