Married By Myspace. What

Married on MySpace Trailer

A couple of days ago, Myspace spammed everyone who was listed as “engaged” with an email telling them about a new Myspace reality show. The premise is very basic. A couple lets Myspace tv cameras follow them around while they plan their wedding day. The trick (and there is always a trick) is that myspace members get to vote on every little detail of the wedding from the gown to the first dance. My fiancee’s first reaction was “OH HELL NOOOOOOOOO” and my first reaction was “She’s going to end up in a fur suit”.

You can tell who’s the weird one in our relationship.

My guess, however, is that the show won’t let all Myspace members decide what options the couple gets to choose. My guess is that there will be four gowns that will be picked by producers or the couple and then Myspace members vote which one is best. That makes the show less fun (for the viewers) but a better sell to couples. I would probably smack someone if my first dance was to a Shania Twain song (but I’d totally rock a Dr Demento song). But I would take some perverse joy in watching a goth couple dancing to an Aqua song. Who wouldn’t?