I’m jumping on the Lauren Alane cake toppers


I first saw Lauren Alane’s cake toppers a few days ago, thought I should post about it, and then was quickly distracted by something shiny and forgot where I saw it. Now I’ve discovered that everyone is talking about them now which just shows that bloggers are like viruses and we spread ideas like the plague.


Anyways, I’m man enough to call something adorable and, yes, these cake toppers are adorable. They remind me of elementary school when, as a craft project, us little ones were told to take googly eyes and glue them to walnuts. We’d make owls, birds, trees or, actually, we’d tried to make those but we would really just end up making a big pile of mess. Lauren Alane, of course, makes them a lot better and they do a good job being crafty, modern, and fit in well with the little bird meme that is popular when it comes to weddings. Her products sell out very very fast – within minutes of posting which means I will probably never be able to get one but the thought is nice. Who wouldn’t want a few birds at their wedding? As long as they don’t eat the cake before I do. If they try, I’m bringing my cat.


2 thoughts on “I’m jumping on the Lauren Alane cake toppers”

  1. Stalk! from your fiancee’s WBC site.:) Love your writing style, it made my day a little to read your blog. My FH is alot like you in thinking that its also HIS wedding so dern if he isn’t gonna make it awesome too. Keep up the blogging!

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