STDs or how I still read that as Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Not Save The Dates

We’re not doing STDs.

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I wonder if I’m the only one that has a really hard time seeing STD, STDs, STD on wedding boards and blogs and not automatically go back to 10th grade health class. Do you remember your STD lecture? I remember my STD lecture. And the slides. Those lovely lovely slides. They were very vivid and disgusting. I had that class right after lunch. Good times good times.

My fiancee and I decided to not do save the dates as a way to save money and also as a way to avoid waste and over exposing our friends to our wedding. As much as we are now “one of those couples that talk about their wedding all the time”, we try to avoid being like that too much. Sure, it’s a big part of our life right now but it’s not the only thing. We also have our cats, dogs, my job, uh….stuff we read on the internet, stuff we read on the news, my love for two ply tissue…um… Ok. I’ll think of some more stuff to talk about then.

Plus, most of our friends and family are on the internet. After telling our close friends and family about our engagement, we announced it on facebook. Everyone we’re going to invite is on facebook or knows someone who is. And if we’re not in normal communication with these people regularly, we decided to not invite them to our wedding. What’s the point in inviting your cousins that you haven’t spoken to in a dozen years to your big day only to ignore them again for another dozen years? That isn’t my style.

I understand the point of Save the Dates. I tend to book my flights and vacations many months in advance but if you need an extravagantly designed of cardboard to remind you that I’m getting married, booking a flight 3 months ahead of my wedding probably isn’t your style. You’ll still get the invitation six to eight weeks ahead of time which will probably work out just fine. And if not, then why don’t you log into your facebook and look at your news feed every once in awhile? We’ve only been talking about this on our wall for a year!

And yes, I know, blaming them is not the polite or smart thing to do and is also something I, and everyone else, wouldn’t try to do in real life but this goes back to my understanding of who should get invited to weddings. People should not be invited “just because”; that’s the easiest way to go completely broke while planning your wedding. Guests should consist of the active people in your life. Active, of course, is subjective and consist of the people you see every day or the people you think about every day but don’t see for years at a time. But, where cutting Save the Dates are a good way to save money, keeping your guest list trimmed this way is even better. That’s how I looked at my guest list even though my fiancee will then bring up the fact that I want to invite the Pope, the Queen, and the Obamas but, come on, they might come. You never know where they’ll be on a Saturday in April 2010.

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