Is it wrong to have an engagement party in your own home?

Technically, my fiancee and I weren’t the host. The party was held in my fiancee’s home because, well, my apartment isn’t big enough. It was intimate, 10-12 people, on the Saturday of Easter weekend, and it was well catered by my roommate (who was the official host) and Costco. Oh. And 5 liters of champagne. We didn’t finish all the food but we did finish the champagne.

And my fiancee went to the Easter Vigil with a hang over.

The party started around 1. We put out bagels, lox, chicken salad, fruit, melon wrapped with prosciutto, clementines, cream cheese, and other such deliciousness. OJ, kool aid, and special mixes were for the champagne. Good talk, lots of drinking, and not enough eating. I’ll be eating chicken and bagels for months.

Watermelon, Lemon, Lime

Obama keeps watch.

Twinkie was the center of the party of course

We received several lovely gifts, cards, and best wishes from a bunch of wonderful friends. It was a delight.

Now, I’ve heard plenty of stories and rules that you can’t throw your own engagement party. And that rule makes sense. However, how involved are you allowed to be in the planning and execution of said party? My fiancee and I shopped, planned, made the guest list, help finance it, and did everything short of officially be the “host” of the big event. And isn’t this how most of these shin digs happen anyways especially if the couple is doing the primary planning and paying of their own wedding? We have no family within 1500 miles. We live in small apartments. We own our lives. I consider it totally acceptable to take an active and engaged part of any event planning of this sort as long as I didn’t initiate the process. Someone wanted to throw us a party. The fact that I took the ball and ran with it is an entirely separate thing. And the fact that it’s for me and my fiancee, involves great times with my friends, and involves pigging out on delicious delicious foods, is just an added bonus.