Don’t do this

Ever since I got engaged and started planning my wedding, I’ve started to realize that wedding news is everywhere. I use to not pay that much attention to it but you can’t open a magazine, turn on the tv, or look outside without seeing something wedding related staring back at you. I sometimes miss the good stuff. Luckily my fiancee finds it and forwards it to me.

Recently, at a wedding in my borough of Queens in New York City, one of the guests (who was the groom’s boss) became drunk, hurled a drink at another guest, accused the bride of fucking up the life of the groom, and told everyone that she’s been sleeping with the groom while toasting the couple. So what did the bride do? She’s suing her. The bride says this guest ruined her special day. Supposedly, after the toast, seventy guests were asked to leave the reception. And the bride and groom didn’t spend their wedding night together and she can’t trust her husband (though they’re currently living together). The bride really does think her groom slept with her boss.

That sounds like a horrible day and I feel for the bride and groom. Well, I mostly feel for them. What I’m really curious though is why were 70 guests kicked out of the reception? If this was really the work of one woman, why wasn’t she just removed? Why was a large chunk of guests kicked out of the reception? That’s what makes me think that there is much more to this story than the lawsuit contends. But, all in all, it just shows that manning the guest list, keeping a close eye on who you invite, and maybe keeping the alcoholics away from the bar is probably one of the better things to do at a wedding. I know that every guest loves and open bar but not every guest is good when confronted with one.