How many African children could your diamond engagement ring feed?

Technically, it couldn’t feed any because a diamond engagement ring is not edible. However, you could turn it in for some cash and receive roughly 1/10-1/20th what I originally paid for it and then use that cash to fund some food programs. Does that mean that your diamond engagement ring is really worth what you paid for it? Well – the resell value for engagement rings is crap crap crap so I dunno. It’s not that the ring itself could end up feeding a lot of kids – it really is that the cash (or, to be perfectly honest, the credit) you forked over for it originally could feed a lot of African kids. But how many? How many starving African kids who love chihuahuas and Louis Vuitton bags could my engagement ring feed? I have always wanted to know this. Luckily, the World Food Program takes a look at celebrity engagement rings to let you know whats what.


You can donate here.

I can’t say that I perfectly agree with their method of outreach here. As a person who did purchase a diamond engagement ring, this idea of “you know what else you could have gotten?” complaint directed at me is fairly common. But I do support using white guilt as a way to get people to donate money to worthy causes. But if you really can afford a $5 million dollar engagement ring, I doubt you’d be stingy with your money – donations to charity are a good way to reduce your yearly taxes.