My fiancee is beating me when it comes to being set for our wedding day

She already has her dress. She has her veil. She already knows where she’s getting her bouquet from and when she’s going to order it. She’s got her something old too. Oh. And she picked out the head piece for our reception. Then, yesterday, to my shame, she had her shoes delivered to her house. She is on a roll people.


I got nothing.

Okay, that’s not true. I have my shoes, my cufflinks, and I’ve got my little piece of metal to put in my shirt collar (which my fiancee got me for my birthday – they’re engraved with our wedding date). But that’s it. I was planning on picking up a suit by getting one custom made by the folks at Barney’s. Since I’m small and thin and in pretty good shape, no mass produced suit will fit me at all. Even small European cut suits are too big. Plus, at close to 1000 a pop (which is a great price), and my recent month long furlough from my job, the idea of buying a custom suit right now is really not a high priority right now. In fact, I don’t think I really can afford it.

Which means I’m going to have to rent a tux. But what kind? And from where? And what style? I’ve mentioned in some earlier posts what I’m going to aim for, something less traditional but formal, no vest or cumber bum or anything too frou frou. It has to look good with a skinny ivory tie and have a spot for a pocket square. And it needs to be a modern fit which means tapering down the sides, a nice tight and snug fit across the stomach and side and not be so high waisted that I look like a smaller version of urkel when I take off my jacket. Oh Lord, I have a lot of requirements. I really should get the ball started on that.

And I know I need to work on this. But all I really want to do is look at pictures of candy buffets and dream about buying a marco lens so I can do that. Alas. Maybe if I win the lotto.