Quick Hits for July 19, 2009

Argh! Why am I up so early?

Coors Light Grooms Cake


No. No. No. A thousand times no. Being an alcoholic is not a badge of honor and should not be bragged about especially if what you like to drink is shitty beer. Grooms, if your drink of choice is Coors Light, I have to question your taste in all sorts of things.

Never Mind the Carats

Women are losing out on their carats due to the recession! You know how to realize that this survey isn’t 100% true? Go to New York City and hang around where the ladies who lunch hang out. Look around and notice their rings. Once you get to the 3.5/4 carat range, it’s hard to realize if a woman is actually getting a smaller engagement ring now because, well, they’re all just HUGE. From an outsider’s perspective, you can’t tell the if she lost out on carats. But if she really wanted a 4 and only got a 3.5, a pox on his house, amirite ladies?

Cake to Go

Here’s a way to send spare cake home with your guests. At my fiancee’s sisters wedding, extra cake was sent home in the following way: it was piled into large foil containers and then every guest was asked “Do you want 20 lbs of cake?” As you can bet, very few people said yes. I like the idea of having a crafty way to trick your guests into taking a slice of cake home with them but, better yet, you could always just SERVE the cake is individual containers like that. That way, you guarantee everyone having a piece and you can minimize the amount of excess you have left over. With little excess, no worries about who is going to take the cake, so to speak.

Vintage Wedding Signs

I like the idea of vintage wedding signs. Though I’m not sure where the line is between “vintage signs” and “using trendy fonts to fake a vintage sign” is.

Candy Buffet Overload

There is way too much going on in this candy buffet or else the photographer is awful at their job. I can’t tell either way.