My First Sermon – Luke 10:38-42

Today at Trinity Lutheran Church, I was in the pulpit for the very first time. It was odd seeing my name in the bulletin listed as “seminarian” even though, in less than six weeks, I’ll be Lutheran Theological in Philly. My lovely wife recorded the whole eight minutes for posterity.

The reason I’m all robed up is not because I was preaching today. I was also the crucifier (and a chalice bearer). And it was really really really really hot under the robes today. Trinity retains the heat VERY WELL which is miserable during the summer months. I swear, Trinity feels hotter this year than last. And, no, adding central air to Trinity isn’t reasonable so we just need to suck it up.

I’ve received many lovely comments after I preached today and after the video was posted online. I’ve really touched. One of my favorites came from an older woman at Trinity who only came out into the heat today because I was preaching. And, afterwards, she said it was worth it. She then melted into a puddle in our church’s undercroft.

I had no working title for the sermon though I think I labeled it as “Grounded” before I headed off to church this morning. I’m just happy with how it all turned out. One down, a million more to go.