Cost Update

I am terrible at following my own blog homework. It’s been quite awhile since I calculated my theology costs for your folks yet. Here’s an update.

After tracking down all my receipts, including my new clothes (I gotta look good), my dorm decorating, my bus tickets, and my need for milk shakes, my expenses add up to around $1200.00. This doesn’t include housing, seminary fees, or anything like that. Books are going to eventually end up costing me more than $500 (which is more than I originally thought) and one of my classes represents around 60% of my book budget for this semester. I almost dropped that class because of the book load but, sadly, it fit my schedule too nicely. I really hope I find all these books useful or else it is going to annoy the hell out of me that I had to buy them. I’ve already bought and sold/trashed/thrown-into-alligator-pits one academic library that I built and I’d really hate to do it a second time. Though there might be more gators in the sewers of Astoria. I hope they like theology tombs.