So Much to Write, So Little Time

Oh boy.

It is finals time here at Chez LTSP which means my finals started before my last class begins. My first final was this afternoon for History of Christianity. It went fine – I wrote for 2.5 hours about whey the Lutheran church is doing a poor job with evangelicalism towards Mexican-Americans. The fact that the Spanish Language Worship resource released by the ELCA does not include Lady of Guadeloupe as a festival (I believe) was my whole theme. And I somehow connected that to the rise of Monasticism in the 200s CE, the Margburg Conference of 1529 between Luther and Zwingli, and the Missionary Conference of 1910. Why did I pick those 3 things to discuss? One of the requirements of the exam was to take one event in the “early”, “reformation”, and “modern” church period and write about it while reflecting on three different quotations. I also had fifteen minutes after receiving the question to look at my notes. After reading the entire 1.5 page question, the first three events I noticed in my notes for all three of those sections were the three I ended up writing about. How many people in that class wrote on the Marburg Conference? Yeah, that’s right – only me because I am that awesome. I just hope my argument in the exam was relatively plausible and made sense. I also decided to write in backward chronological order to try and be a little different. This is what I get for spending only 15 minutes studying for this exam. And I also just figured out that I misspelled Guadeloupe at least a dozen times in the exam. I am a terrible Mexican-American.

So why did I only spend 15 minutes studying for my history final? Well! I am glad you asked because I have been struggling with, and writing a paper, for my Old Testament course You think that writing 8000 words on 13.5 verses of Ruth would be hard but you would be wrong. I could have written more (because I am that long winded). I finished it and printed it out exactly 12 hours before it is due. And, while writing it, I realized that I do not understand how to use tenses correctly. This is something that I need to work on.

So the rest of my night will be devoted to learning hebrew verb paradigms, specifically 1-aleph weak verbs. And I might try to figure out imperatives as well. I really have no idea what those are. Eep.