Preach with abandon!

A few hours ago, I arrived at GTS. I went to the front desk and picked up an envelope that was left for me. The envelope is your standard Christmas card size. It is teal with a glitter sheen that shines under the incandescent lights of the library. On the back is a gold seal that possibly came from Hallmark. On the front of the envelope, my name is written in black sharpie. Underneath my name is a piece of paper, taped on. The title for that paper is “Instructions for Practice Extemporaneous Homilies.”

In between my Biblical Greek class and my Preaching Small Group, I will have 30 minutes to read a biblical text and compose a 3-5 minute homily. On the paper, there is a list of steps to take, things to do, and I’ll be allowed one 5×8 note card when I walk onto the floor of the Chapel of the Good Shepherd. Step five is possibly my favorite step in the bunch: “Have fun. Go for broke. Preach with abandon!”

If there ever was a time to preach in tear away pants, today would be it.

I’ll let you all know how it goes.