My Favorite Photographs of 2011

I’m not really a “year-end” kind of person but I do take a lot of pictures. I started this post as an experiment to see where I’ve been and what I shot (even though there are two weeks of photos that have not been uploaded yet). My first culling resulted in over 100 photos that I loved. Sadly, I had to condense. Here’s a very tight group of photos that are some (32) of my favorites from this year (in chronological order).

Emily, Dan, Tim: Philadelphia

LTSP’s Chapel: Philadelphia

Casey and Dr. Lathrop
Casey and Dr. Lathrop: Trappe, PA

Storm coming in
Casey and Nick: Trappe, PA

K and Maddie
K and Maddie: Ocean City, NJ

Jeanne and Pastor Church: Trinity LIC

365.1 George Washington Bridge
George Washington Bridge

365.7 Plane on Runway at DIA
Denver International Airport

365.8 Little Bighorn
Custer’s Last Stand

Parents by Yellowstone Lake
My Parents in Yellowstone

365.9 Old Faithful Getting Started
Old Faithful in Yellowstone

K at my mom’s birthday: Cody, WY

365.10 Morning Reflection Off Yellowstone Lake
Morning on the shore of Yellowstone Lake

365.12 Flamingo!

365.24 Yeah, that's right
Koinonia, Highland Park, NY

365.37 Mexican Independence Day In New York
East Harlem, NYC

365.47 VICTORY
K’s bone marrow donation, Cornell Medical Center

365.57 Tree
Candidacy Retreat, Bethel, PA

365.58 Sparkler Send Off
K and Rebecca at J and A’s wedding: Dumbo, NYC

J and Tex waiting: Dumbo, NYC

At J and A’s Wedding: Dumbo, NYC

K and Gabbi: Fishkill, NY

365.65 Apple Pickin'
K Apple Picking: Fishkill, NY

365.75 Symmetry
Chelsea, NYC

365.79 Happy Family
3 Girls: My Apartment

365.82 Sunshine
Twinkie in My Apartment

Twinkie is silly, My Apartment

Chapel at GTS
Chapel of the Good Shepherd: General Theological Seminary

The Rock at Christmas
The Rock: NYC

K on a swing
K in Florida

Twinkie, Sarah, and Tebow:Florida

Boxing Day Dessert
Addi is a close talker

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  1. I love the General photo next to the 30 Rock photo. I’d like to see them hanging next to each other on a wall somewhere. Wonderful pics, Marc!

    By the way congrats! Fantastic news! Looking forward to telling you and Kate in person in 2012. Happy new year!

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