King David, Noah’s Ark, Richard Scary, Pirate Sharks, and Detachable Bears

Today after church, K and I took a trip to the Lower East Side. We visited our favorite dumplings place (Vanessa’s), ran a few errands, and then popped into a new store: Jane’s Exchange: Children & Maternity Consignment.

With K being 19 weeks along, the need for new clothes is rather high. Luckily K was raised by a mother who loved thrift stores and passed those genes on down. While she rummaged through the wide selection of maternity clothes, babby clothes, toys, and games, I sat and read for Seminary (a feminist perspective on Matthew and Luke-Acts anyone?). The longer I sat, the more clothes, books, and other items were piled on top of me to “hold”. Before you knew it, I was buried in babby goodness. A book about pregnancy, a couple of Richard Scary board books, two really tiny books about Noah and King David (sadly missing the Goliath and the Bathsheba incident), and a ton of onesies covered me. With my reading done, I called K to dig me out.

As we headed to the check out, we noticed behind the counter a used Sophie Giraffe. As its maker claims, it is the most famous baby toy IN ALL THE WORLD. This Giraffe that squeaks (Twinkie is under the mistaken opinion that it is for her) will run you around $25 retail (a little cheaper on Amazon). It is the toy that when I run into expectant mothers at seminary, I ask whether they received one at their baby shower. Most think the toy is silly but we all agree that we must have one and Lord have mercy on the woman who does not get one. So there it was, behind the counter, staring at us, for only five bones. We snapped it up, no questions asked. A used teething toy that’s in great shape and looks like it never was used? Heck yes.

While walking towards our next appointment, we got to joking with each other. K said, adamantly and loudly on Avenue B that our kidling “deserves all the best things! … Well, used best things.” And it’s true. He does. And based on the pictures I took of K while waiting for the L train, he’ll get them.


It has an eye patch
And pirate sharks on the shirts

K's love of Kermit and Fozzie knows no bound
And frogs and bears holding out on all the onesies.