Well, at least the Sunday School kids think I’m tall

Today, my field education experience was a little…uh..full. With two pastoral associates out of town and the CYF director enjoying the beach, it was just little ol’me and the senior pastor manning the battlements. It was kind of wild. Altar guild, Sunday School, CYF management, Children’s Church, Tech Support, Chalice Bearing, Manager, Safe-breaker – I did it all (or tried to at least). I basically didn’t stop for a few moments and, well, I’m not sure I actually worshiped today. Luckily, the sacraments came to me anyways.

During Sunday School, I corralled my posse around a kid-sized (i.e. Marc-sized) table. Our agenda consisted of five different action items and, well, we got through two. Today we shared the story of building a house on a rock (Spark Bible Style) and played that game where you draw lines to form squares. We split into two teams, three girls on one and two boys on the other. The girls chose the color purple for their team which allowed the guys to be pink. And I must give them credit, those boys OWNED that color. They didn’t bat an eye! I’m proud of those two. However, one of the girls didn’t think that it was fair that there were more girls than boys. She announced, loudly and with authority, that I should play on the boys side because “You’re just a kid anyways – just taller and older looking.”

I’ll take it.