Friday Night (light) Reflection

I’ve been meaning to write several detailed posts about the upcoming Synod Assembly for the Metropolitan New York Synod, about the end of my second year of seminary, and about the great trip I took over the weekend. However, instead, I will just share a quick thought I had while watching an episode of Friday Night Lights. For those of you who don’t know, the show takes place in a small Texas town and follows the lives of a series of teenagers, football players, and educators. I’m enjoying it even though there are no hispanics on the show by the end of season 2 (there is a minority shift: the hispanics in the beginning of the series become African Americans by season 3 and 4). But I just saw one episode that, well, it was thought provoking. Since I (God-willing) will be ordained and my future kidling will be a dreaded “pk,” I’ve thought about faith and fatherhood a tad but if I ever do what happened on the show…when a young man told his parents he got a girl in school pregnant, and his mom responded with “Well, Mary and Joseph thought they got into a tough spot too but….” just, just, just slap me. Like a dozen times. Unless I’m doing it ironically. Then you should slap me anyways to get me to move out of Brooklyn because, damn, that hipster stuff is contagious.