Colorado Burning

For those of you who didn’t know, I grew up in Colorado. I loved it there and still miss it even though I have been on the East Coast for about as long as I lived in the Centennial State. But I’ll always be a Western kid at heart. It’s been heart breaking seeing all the fires that are raging across my home state. Not only are they destroying places and trees, but homes have been destroyed as well. The fire that is bulldozing through the outskirts of Colorado Springs is just the most frightening one out of several so far this month. I spent all day refreshing Denver Post and reading all the twitter feeds I could. The picture above was taken this afternoon by Alli Smith and shared via twitter. It shows the chapel at the Air Force Academy lit up by a background of fire and smoke. You can even see the fire from space. As I hear about friends of friends and the family members of friends being evacuated and not sure if their homes are still around, my heart aches for them. My prayers go out to everyone there – to those who have lost their homes and to those who are fighting the fires in the face of high temperatures, high winds, and bone dry climate conditions. It brings to mind the valley of the dry bones. And I pray that, like that valley, that God’s mercy, grace, and love will bless all those affected by these fires and the fires that are to come.

Update: Even the Denver Broncos are getting in on the relief act.

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  1. I wondered how close these were to where you grew up. (psst there’s a link error in the middle of the post..)

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