Wait, There are Martin Luther Pickup Lines?

Ah the New York Post, is there nothing you won’t print? Seems that a jilted lover filed a complaint about his ex-girlfriend who became a priest shortly after they broke up. Nothing from the report sounds all that shocking. It sounds as if two 30 somethings had a relationship, did relationship type things, said stupid relationship type things, and one got so hurt, they complained to a newspaper and a bishop about it. Who hasn’t been there?

Now, it is 100% the rule that a minister shouldn’t date someone in the pew (“Don’t Do the Pew” is a very apt and very normal way for seminarians to describe their classes in shorthand) and even though it doesn’t seem like she was his pastor (and, I’m sorry world, but if you’re gonna date someone in ministry, they’re gonna pray sometimes), it might have been best if she dated someone not in her church. But, either way, it happened, it ended, and it’ll be interesting to see if the presiding bishop does anything about it. But what really struck me was this quote:

She also jokingly cited a “theological justification” for their unholy hookups, loosely quoting Martin Luther: “God does not save those who are only imaginary sinners. Sin boldly! Be a sinner and let your sins be strong, but let your trust in Christ be stronger.”


Actually, this quote is probably the Martin Luther quote I hear the most during my time in seminary (you can even buy it on a pint glass). The quote is usually used to justify all sorts of behavior and to make us feel better about ourselves. And, well, I’m not even sure what the context of the quote comes from. But what is great about that quote is that it highlights the one thing we really want to hear (sin boldly) while ignoring the main point of Luther’s quote (let your trust in Christ be stronger). It’s a fun quote! And I love that the Post (and the jilted lover) used it as a way to denigrate the priest. Sin Boldly you say? SIN BOLDLY? HOW DARE THEY? It’s great. It’s as if “people of the cloth” aren’t human or something.

Though naked Skype? Man – lets hope he didn’t save those files like he saved everything else. Oi. That stuff is why the internet is dangerous.