Vicar thought of the day: Divorce

I wonder if the reason why Spark curriculum series decided to talk about Genesis 2 on Sunday rather than Mark 10 because Genesis 2 is a lot more fun and easy to turn into games and color leaflets. I don’t blame them for that – I’ve been wracking my brain all week to think if there’s a way to talk about divorce, and Jesus’s harshness, in a Sunday School setting. I really can’t think of one that is healthy and easy to condense into a 45 minute teaching moment. So, Genesis 2 it is then. Of course, Genesis 2 isn’t easy either, especially for those of us who find “complementary” theology ridiculous and serve in a denominational body that allows women pastors and leaders, mostly because of the history around the use of Genesis 2 can be troubling and hard to examine. But I still wonder – can there not be a space, in church, to talk about divorce? There should be. I just don’t know how to do it yet.