Advent Pageant Tomorrow

I basically feel like this at the moment.

I wrote a pageant that could, possibly, have twenty four actors in it. There are presents, animal masks, three songs, and children from the age of 6 to 17, being the sermon come Sunday. Basically, I wrote a pageant that puts every kid, even first time visitors, in the front of the sanctuary. And, God willing, it might even look like we have a children’s choir at this church of ours. I shouldn’t be nervous but I am. I’m a little concerned people will see the holes in the script and plot that I do. I’m nervous the kids won’t shout loud enough. II’m concerned no one will go up front. I’m concerned that it’ll last 30 minutes rather than 15. And I might be right up there, presiding, due to our presider calling in sick – and not having the chance to direct the kids like I wish I could.

And everyone I know has told me they are coming to the service.

It could be epic. It could be a perfect way for the congregation to show their support for youth ministries if more people attended this service than the later one. It could be one way we can help break through the isolation families can sometimes experience in the congregation. The children might feel empowered. They might sing louder on Sunday mornings. And I might even get some kids I don’t see too often to actually show up more on Sunday.

But it could also explode on the launch pad. Ah well. We shall see what happens.