Sandwiches are easy to eat

While I’m at my ministry site, I don’t get asked for money all that often. It happens but maybe only twice a week – and usually it is requests for Metrocards or money for NJ Transit. Today, however, two people asked me for money so far and the second gentleman played it very well.

Sir: Hello.
Vicar: Hello! How can I help you?
Sir: I was wondering if you have any food. I’m really hungry. (grimaces, rubs stomach)
Vicar: We have a sandwich line at 4 o’clock, downstairs, that will be able to help you out.
Sir: But I’m hungry now (looking sullen).
Vicar: I’m sorry, but we don’t have anything to give out until 4 o’–
Sir (interrupts): How about $5 dollars then? $5 to buy a sandwich next door? (rubs stomach again, points outside towards the Subway fast food joint)
Vicar (my brain instantly went “Ooh, clever – well done sir! He was paying attention.”): I’m sorry but we don’t have anything to give out until 4 o’clock, sandwiches, downstairs.
Sir: (looking disappointed) 4 o’clock?
Vicar: Yep. 4 o’clock.
Sir walks out.