Care Package

Today, at the office, I received a package.

At first, I didn’t recognize the return address. Did my wife order something online again? Is this a purchase from Etsy? Did I, in a state of exhaustion and sleep depravation, order something strange while Oliver was up in the middle of the night? What IS this unknown box that is sitting on my desk.


Watching me.

Tempting me to open it.

So I did.

On top was a card. I ignored it at first and found a highlighter in the box. And then there was some coffee – a bag of unpopped microwave popcorn – and a little bottle of hand sanitizer. This struck me as all so…strange. I opened the card to discover that the LTSP alumni board had sent me a care package for my internship. How nice. If I knew it was coming, I would have not bought lunch today.

But I learned that a friend received a bag of skittles. I got no skittles. I am jealous.

Update: I was informed that I forgot to add an important part to this post. THANK YOU. I really am grateful to be remembered by the seminary. It was an unexpected surprise but a lovely one!