I should wear shades to class every day

Tired. Just tired.With the leaves falling off the trees in droves, I am currently in allergy mode. This means my mood is less than pleasant. As an identical twin, I knew this day would come. I knew that my sinuses would eventually revolt against my well being. I’ve watched my brother suffer with these issues since we were little, but only in the last year did my allergies actively start kicking my butt. So, at this moment, many things bug me at the moment. In fact, maybe all the things bug me right now. And as I sit here, at this exact moment, what I’m mot tired of is reminding everyone at my seminary that I’m Lutheran. From being asked to take the Episcopal church’s ordination exam, to being assumed I’m ordained just because I served with my bishop, to having to spend my history class learning about the English reformation, I’m just tired of it. I’m here, I’m Lutheran, deal with it.