Stick a fork in me…

cookie-monster-as-CEOI am almost done.

My forms for assignment in February are due on Sunday. Being the gentleman that I am, I waited till the last week to try and submit them. The form ABR, four pages in length, needed to be emailed to the churchwide offices. That was easy. The form RLP, twenty pages in length, needed to be submitted online through an archaic piece of software that only works on Windows. I submitted it about thirty times before I discovered that the reason why it wasn’t working was because I left one tiny field unfilled. It finally went through this morning. With the form RLP submitted, I sent everything off to my synod office. The forms are in. WOOHOO!

And, now, I wait. My Approval interview is in two weeks. Restriction decisions will be emailed back to me around Christmas (I’m asking to be located in Metro New York or New Jersey because, well, life). Based on what happens there, I either enter the February assignment process or a quasi-limbo world that might, just might, be Lutheran purgatory. I didn’t know it existed but it does; it does.