I’m plugged in

TacoYesterday I received word that my forms successfully implanted themselves into the hive mind that is the ELCA database of available pastors. After two forms, twenty pages, and countless questions that are a tad too focused on the “Jesus loves me” style of theological reflection, everything worked. For the moment at least, I’m full mobilized and online. Let’s see come December 9, when the system is completely replaced by something brand new, if my data is still all there. And I hope it is. I was even told that I did a good job filling those forms out. Let’s hope that a few bishops/assistants-to-bishops agree with that assessment – I do need a job.

So, with that, well, I’m in the system. This is getting real.

Why the taco? Because I’m doing an Advent devotion and taking a picture based on one word a day. Today’s word is joy. I think this taco ornament works for that.