My Life Told in Cotton

Hipster LutherIf you didn’t know, I am a t-shirt guy. While visiting my in-laws, I reflected on my experience with t-shirts. From my early days wearing Mickey Mouse T’s and being a walking billboard for Disney’s Captain EO, I spent high school stuck in T’s from Pacific Suncoast, Hot Topic, and early internet sarcasm and webcomics. Of course, you wouldn’t have seen these shirts. I was one of those punks who wore a black sweatshirt all the time. When it got cold, I just doubled those sweatshirts up. No one saw my T’s but I knew that they were there. The few times I didn’t wear my sweatshirts to school, friends were freaked out by the bit of color I wore. It just didn’t seem right to them.

In college, I started moving to band shirts but really just wore my high school clothes to death. Once I moved to the city, I was an early adopter of Threadless and bought a t-shirt at every rock and punk concert I went to. Now that I’m in seminary, Hipster Luther is my thing. My life story can be told in my collection of t-shirts. It’s possible I have one too many.