Name Change

Please Stand UpI thought the ELCA changed my name on my candidacy documents. I was wrong. Yesterday, I received an email from the head of the candidacy committee connecting me with the staff person at the ELCA in charge of such things. When I married and took my wife’s last name over three years ago, I was already entranced into candidacy. At the time, I was told not to worry about it and that my paperwork will be resubmitted under my new name. It seems that didn’t happen. However, I’m impressed with how the ELCA handled my name change. They didn’t need my marriage certificate, a copy of my new passport, or a social security card. They just needed my wife’s name and date of birth. I know that I have (what feels like) dozens of forms at the churchwide offices with that information but they wanted it in email form. A few seconds of typing, a quick send, and I believe that my name change is officially taken care of at the churchwide level. That only leaves my Library Card as the last piece document in my old name. However, I was told that the NYPL doesn’t do name changes so I’ll just sit on that for awhile.