It’s Gonna Be Maaaayyy. From Pastor Marc – My Message for the Messenger, May 2017 Edition

I am a fan of bad puns and silly jokes. And that’s why April 30th is special to me. For the last few years, I’ve shared the same internet meme on my social media accounts. It’s a picture of Justin Timberlake during his days in NSYNC. He’s smiling and singing their hit song “It’s Gonna Be Me.” But the caption on the picture has nothing to do with the word “me” because Justin’s changes the words. He turns “me” into a long, vibrato filled version of “maaaaaayyyyyy.” On April 30th, we know that “It’s gonna be maaaaaayyyyyy.”

My guess is you’ve just let out a large groan and probably a fake laugh. Those are always the right responses to a terrible pun and a silly joke. Yet, this meme is telling the truth. It really is going to be May. May is a special time at Christ Lutheran Church because of the amazing programs and events you support with your time, donations and prayers. On May 6th hundreds of people from around New Jersey and New York (last year, we had visitors from as far away as the eastern end of Long Island) will attend our Trash & Treasure sale. Our neighbors who can’t afford a new outfit for work or toys for their children will be able to find the item they need to better their lives and their families. The volunteers who spent hours sorting clothes, cleaning glassware, and making sure everyone is fed with great meals, will help our guests find what they are looking for. The thousands of dollars raised will be used by the CLC-Women’s Group to fund projects at church and charities all over the world. Trash & Treasure is one way we use what God gives us to share God’s love all over the world. Thank you for your donation and being part of this amazing event.

May is also a time when we prepare our congregation to change in new ways. This year, we’re confirming three young people on Pentecost (June 4). These amazing kids and their families have made an impact in our community since they first walked through the doors. The entire congregation will empower them to be full voting members of the community. They will have the power to serve on council, vote at our meetings and continue to make a difference locally and all over the world. The Holy Spirit is with us no matter how old we are. It will be amazing to watch where the Spirit takes all of us through their leadership and voices.

For much of April, we watched as flowers bloomed, grass turned green and leaves began to sprout. With the change of seasons, we witness a new creation being born. This April, we were there for Easter and saw how Jesus changed the world. Now is the time to discover what this new creation is all about. Let’s see what God is blooming in our community because it’s going to be May.

See you in church!

Pastor Marc