Children’s Sermon: What’s Call?

All Saints. Bring a light (iPhone), Justice League action figures, and a batman mask. Make sure light has bat signal on it. Going to shine a bat signal on a piece of paper.

So I brought some friends with me today: my superhero friends! But not Marvel these are DC…the Justice league to be sure. I have…Superman. Green Lantern. And Wonder Woman. But…wait a second. I’m missing someone. Who do you think I’m missing? Batman! Batman. I wonder where he is? If we don’t know where someone is, how can we reach them? Email. Text. Yell. Call. We could call them! Bring out phone. Do you know Batman’s number? I don’t. Is there another way we can call him? Bat signal. The bat signal!

Now, I don’t have a big bat signal but I do have this one. Shine the iPhone and use the little signal. Shine on piece of paper. When we call Batman, when we use the bat signal, we are telling Batman that we have a job for him to do. There’s a villain somewhere or someone needs helps. We need Batman to help make a difference. That’s what we need when we call for Batman.

In church, we sometimes use that same word: call. It’s not an easy word to understand. When I talk about our “calling,” we might be confused. And that’s ok. But that’s why I think about the bat signal. Just like we send out word when we have a job for Batman, God sends us a signal, a call, to do a job God wants us to do. All of us have a calling that God gives us. And the call can show up in different ways. When someone asks us for help, that’s god telling us to help. When we see someone hurting, that’s God calling us to see if we can make them feel better. And if we see someone crying, we might not always be able to make it better, but we can sit with them and let them know that we will stay with them, no matter what. Because that’s some of the jobs God gives us as Christians. Helping is a job God gives you and it’s something you can do, no matter how old or young you are. You are God’s superhero – and just like Batman (put on mask) can help when we call for him, God calls you to help others too.

Thank you for being up here and I hope you have a blessed week!

Each week, I share a reflection for all children of God. The written manuscript serves as a springboard for what I do. This is from Christ Lutheran Church’s Worship on All Saints’ Sunday, 11/05/2017.