Children’s Sermon: Tools to Grow

We’re using today! So bring old, used up gardening gloves. Bring gardening tools.

Hi everyone! I’m so glad you are here today.

Did any of you have days off from school this week? Accept answers. I know some had only Monday, others Monday and Tuesday, and still more the entire week. And you know how warm it was just a few days ago? I hope you spent time outside and enjoyed it because it’s been wet and rainy for days. I miss that warm weather.

But do you know something that like the wet and rainy weather? Plants! And with the recent warm weather, I walked outside my house yesterday and saw the stems of flowers starting to sprout in my yard. I mean, it literally snowed like 8” of snow last Sunday but plants are ready to come up from the ground. And they’re starting to come up…and when they come up, there are things we can do to help them get ready.

Now here are tools that can help plants grow. Go through the tools. But…what else do these tools need? If they just sit here…can they help? Nope. They need someone to pick them up, to use them, so that can grow.

So when we pick up this, what can we use it to do? Water. Plant. Clear the leaves. Pick out the weeds. When we use these tools, put them on, and help the plants – we are serving them – and our service becomes an act of love. Love, then, isn’t something we have. Love is…a verb…an action…something that helps others – and something that we get to do.

When I garden, I like to use these Show the old gardening gloves. They’re…pretty old and used. They’re dirty. They sort of smell bad. They have holes in them. They really aren’t perfect at all. But that just means these gloves have been well used over a long period of time to help a bunch of different plants grow and blossom. They don’t have to be perfect – or wonderful – or amazing – to serve, help, and love others. Even an old pair of gardening gloves can help. Even a kid like you can love and make a difference.

And that’s part of our bible story about Jesus today. Love is something we get to do – love is something God helps us do – and love is always about helping others grow and thrive.

Thank you for being here and I hope you have a blessed week.

Each week, I share a reflection for all children of God. The written manuscript serves as a springboard for what I do. This is from Christ Lutheran Church’s Worship on Second Sunday in Lent, 2/25/2018.