Let them eat cake stands!

I really have no idea why I love cake stands but I do. If I could, I’d put half a dozen around the house and I’d use them to store non-cake related things. An Iron Man statue, a place to put my keys, maybe even use one to display my award winning peanut butter and jelly sandwiches right before I eat them. I think cake stands are the perfect way to showcase anything that you own or are about to devour. I’m a giant sucker.

So I mentioned a few days ago that we picked out our wedding cake – i.e. the Sun from Costco. Well, to be honest, our plan is to serve Costco sheet cakes at our wedding but we’ll really cut a smaller cake that we would display with a lovely cake topper on it. But what cake stand would do? What cake stand says what I want to say at the wedding? Which cake stand is really me?

One that’s on sale apparently.

Birds on a Wire from Fishs Eddy

I love Fishs Eddy, I’ve mentioned them on this blog several times. They make perfect stuff. Late Sunday night, I went to their site and noticed they had a sale. The cake stand is usually at 32.50 but was on sale for 13.12. I convinced my fiancee to head into Manhattan and check it out (because I didn’t want to spend the 4.50 necessary to take the subway into town – what can I say? I don’t have a job and I’m cheap and my fiancee is way too nice to me). She called me up from the store and asked me how much did the cake stand should cost. I told her 13. She said it was listed for around 8 dollars. There were only two left and one was marked with the price on it. I told her to get it and she did.

Detail of the Birds

It’s perfect. A small 8 inch white cake will sit on top and a custom made cake topper will stand on the cake. It’s going to be great.