3 thoughts on “Potato & Cheese Waffle”

  1. Hi. I love you having made these. I love the Lord. I love your waffle maker and want to know the brand and your take on it because other Food Daddy Foodies (Food Daddaists?) have been busting my chops about different waffle irons and this one is just lovely.

    I will admit. I ordered dinner. But before it came I got caught up in you and today’s waffle and I grabbed one I had left and used my brand new microwave to warm up my appetizer. Then I ate one of tomorrow’s. And I’m contemplating another that you all have no clue is even coming yet.

    And yes: I cried while doing cardio tonight…

  2. Haha. The Waffle Maker is an All-Clad Classic Round Waffle Maker. I enjoy it quite a bit – I find myself making waffles even when I’m not hungry. It’s just too easy now.

  3. I think the desire for waffle irons is one of the main forces inspiring young couples to wed today.

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