Trash is my Treasure

One of the gifts being pastor of Christ Lutheran Church is the annual Trash & Treasure & Clothing Sale held on the First Saturday of May. This is a beast of an event. Volunteers work for a month cataloging clothing, cleaning pieces donated from the wider community, and sorting and pricing an amazing amount of items. The church building is taken over, an army of volunteers is fed by another army of volunteers, and, in one day, we’ll raise $15,000. This is the most professional and well organized church sale that I have ever seen. Most of the money will be given to organizations outside the church, from our local food pantry to ELCA Disaster Response. It really is an amazing event and I can’t believe the energy, talent, gifts, and skill the volunteers have to pull this off. And since I’m helping as I can (and I’m in the building most days), I have first pick of what comes in.

Star Wars Original Action Figures

So, to whomever donated these Star Wars actions figures: thank you.