Old Ladies are Great

Today, while visiting with the Sewing Ladies during their weekly meeting, the talk turned to my wedding. It usually does. The four or five ladies in attendance always love hearing about my wedding plans. They also love getting the church ready for the big day too.

That’s one of the side benefits of marrying at a church that I’m very active in. The old ladies are busy cleaning the nooks and crannies, washing the linens, and even scrubbing the wooden baptism fount with wood cleaner. And did I mention that all of these ladies are in their 80s? It’s incredible to see how excited they are about my wedding day. They really want the church to shine for us. It’s really quite touching.

Our church does offer the option for non-members and people not part of our community to get hitched there. I don’t recommend it though. Our church is lovely 1920s Neo-gothic structure and is a lovely visual for any wedding. But the value of our church and what is really beautiful is the people in it and our community. And when you are a part of the community, you really are family. Every space is dusted, every cranny is wiped down, and the brass is polished till it shines. Trinity is gonna sparkle come April 10th. I can’t wait.